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Brio offers clients the ability to conceptualise and test their investment strategies before connecting with their sales representative to proceed to transaction, specifically for Delta One and Quantitative Investment Solutions (QIS).

Homemade innovation combined with fintech expertise

Giving you the flexibility to design and simulate your investment strategies

Created in-house, BrioTM  delivers technological innovation and customisable solutions to provide clients with everything they need to manage their Delta One and QIS investment strategies.

Meet Brio

Think. Invest

This video shows how clients can put their portfolio to the test, implement their strategies, trade and manage performance with accuracy and efficiency through an electronic platform built on the latest web technology: all in one place.

Tech & Innovation 04 March 2021

Brio Quantitative Investments

Immerse yourself in the universe of BNP Paribas

BrioTM  Quantitative Investments offers an immersion into the Quantitative Investment Strategies (QIS) world of BNP Paribas. It enables exploration of our QIS suite and the opportunity to conduct detailed analysis of each strategy with key metrics. Even more, the platform allows you to design and simulate your own Option Systematic Strategy depending on your investment objective.

Brio Delta One

Take advantage of a vast array of investment management approaches

BrioTM  Delta One supports a wide range of equity investment management approaches, from quantitative to fundamental. With virtually limitless objectives and a wide range of constraints, BrioTM Delta One delivers maximum flexibility to model complex delta one strategies and put investment portfolios to the test, revealing sources of risks and returns for attribution in ex-ante and ex-post analyses.

Design your actively managed certificates (AMC)

Large investment universe

Create your AMC by choosing from a large investment universe of over 7,000 cross-asset instruments in developed and emerging markets.

Price and easily trade your AMC, while accessing detailed and customisable reporting – including performance and risk analysis – and reshuffle each component of your AMC before submitting your order.

Equity Derivatives 02 November 2021

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