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Distributors of structured products face multiple challenges on a daily basis. Smart Derivatives is your digital one-stop-shop to manage the entire lifecycle of structured products and AMCs in one place. We have leveraged the best of our internal resources and partnered with fintechs to provide you with cutting-edge technologies.

Ground-breaking market intelligence

Developed to cater to your needs

Smart Derivatives gives you access to a selection of carefully selected ideas corresponding to your needs and today’s market condition. The ground-breaking platform provides direct access to our array of market opportunities, which offer a relevant selection of products and solutions that are specifically chosen to suit your current needs.

Direct access to primary markets: design your own structured products

An intuitive platform with intelligent features

A simple and interactive pricing application enabling you to design, price and trade bespoke flow and innovative products: choose your basket, currencies, tenor and create a completely new payoff that fits your needs. In addition, you can have access to your Regulatory Documents all in one click.

A true cross-asset platform

Tailor-made payoffs available on all asset classes

With Smart Derivatives you can create your tailor-made payoffs by using our wide range of products, offering directional and non-directional exposure to equities, credit, rates, FX, volatility and commodities.

Design your actively managed certificates (AMC)

Large investment universe

Create your AMC by choosing from a large investment universe of over 7,000 cross-asset instruments in developed and emerging markets.

Price and easily trade your AMC, while accessing detailed and customisable reporting – including performance and risk analysis – and reshuffle each component of your AMC before submitting your order.

Equity Derivatives 02 November 2021

Going digital with our sustainable offering

Align your investments with your ESG strategies

With Smart Derivatives, easily combine your structured product with the financing of ESG initiatives such as reforestation and ocean protection targets that are aligned with your retail investments. You can also select and visualise underlyings with a high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria level through the ESG Vigeo ranking, available in Smart Derivatives for any product.

Advanced services at your fingertips

Cutting-edge digital tools

We have developed a set of cutting-edge services to provide you with advanced analysis, stress tests and help you design tailor-made structured products. Among other services, you will be able to use our basket optimiser, our back testing tool, our mark-to-market services, and more.

Easily manage your secondary investments

Monitor and manage your product on the secondary market

Easily access a liquid secondary market in real time. Monitor the entire post-trade cycle with product details, including past performance and up-to-date information available in one place.
Smart Derivatives also allows you to create your own alerts depending on your clients’ needs while staying informed about key product life cycle events such as corporate actions or barrier levels.


BNP Paribas wins Best ESG House among three awards at the SRP Europe 2021

SRP Europe Awards 2021 named BNP Paribas ‘Best House, ESG’, ‘Best Issuance Platform’ for SMART Derivatives and ‘Best Performance Netherlands’ 2021.

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