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A radical new approach to strategy and economics to provide you with top quality views, focusing on evidence-based research and thought leadership. We bring economics and strategy together in thematic notes across asset classes, delivering what you need when you need it and continuously adapting to your needs.

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Thought-leading strategy & economics

Gain unparalleled access to in-depth analysis and thought-leading strategy and economics. Beyond our ingrained European DNA, our on-the-ground teams across Asia-Pacific and the Americas deliver the latest, most definitive insights to help you make informed decisions as markets move.

Market Trends 08 February 2021

A truly holistic view on markets

Quantitative DNA

Our Quant analysis across macroeconomics and the major asset classes uses in-house models and tools, including our renowned  MarFA™, STEER™ and Cyclical-R frameworks. We use alternative data and the latest statistical techniques, regression analysis, machine learning and natural language processing to deliver quant and evidence-based analysis to our clients.

Emerging markets strength

We cover some of the most relevant Emerging Markets economies, with locally based teams in many of them. Our products set us apart, such as the benchmark election trackers that swiftly respond to economic and political events. We integrate all markets and drivers to avoid segmentation and partial views while challenging entrenched market views.


Markets 360 embraces sustainability as a disruptor that is changing investment practice and we help clients to unlock value and mitigate risk. We examine key themes such as the carbon transition, ESG analysis, green bonds and the circular economy. In addition, we integrate sustainability analysis to our economics and strategy.

Derivatives proficiency

We have dedicated specialists covering volatility markets in the major assets classes. Aided by our quantitative tools, we provide in-depth and market-leading analysis of derivatives markets. Our analysis aims to improve the understanding of this apparently complex market among all investor types.

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Available to eligible clients, My Morning Comment gathers markets insights into one email, from Markets 360™ Economists and Strategists as well as Sales and Trading desks and provides a condensed view on the latest events to prepare for the day ahead. It enables clients to define their area of focus and receive content relevant to their selected choices.

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