Global Markets

BNP Paribas has been present in the Americas for more than a century. We provide capital markets, securities services, financing, treasury and advisory solutions to corporates and institutional investors.

A spotlight on our Americas business

Strong Americas footprint

Firmly entrenched in the Americas, including the US market with BNP Paribas USA, we are one of a handful of non-US banks to offer a full value chain for our institutional clients, from trading to financing and clearing and custody. With a presence in six Latin American countries, we are able to overlay our global knowledge with local markets expertise.

Global gateway

At the crossroads of transatlantic flows, we leverage our global impact and expertise to provide US clients access to EMEA and APAC, and conversely our local capabilities for European clients seeking access to the Americas markets.

Innovative strategies

With over 30 years in the derivatives business, we have the technical skills to develop tangible solutions for specific client needs and are constantly working together to manage portfolio risks in volatile and ever-changing markets. Our legacy in building sophisticated strategies has been successfully awarded throughout the industry and across asset classes.


Accelerating our clients’ sustainability ambitions to transition to a lower carbon economy through forward-looking financing and investing strategies.

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