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Cortex Equities connects you to the deep global pools of BNP Paribas' liquidity and our long-standing expertise to help you manage it.

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The new standard of electronic equities is here. By harnessing the power of new technology, innovation, and expert professionals, Cortex Equities offers a newly designed electronic trading experience to meet client’s current and future needs.

Cracking the Code

Machine Learning Strategies for Minimizing Information Leakage in Algorithmic Trading

When executing sizable orders, information leakage through trading operations is on every trader’s mind. In this whitepaper, Guhao Wu, Co-Head of Quantitative Execution Research, explains how, by using differentiated machine learning methods we can estimate the amount of information leakage that occurs during the execution of algorithmic orders. We can then make real-time decisions, allowing us to reduce our market footprint and improve execution quality.

Algorithmic trading at your fingertips

Our newly architected Smart Order Router (SOR) and Flexible Algo Container are uniquely designed to monitor and adapt to changing market conditions in real-time, offering a highly customizable suite of algorithms that can meet the needs of today’s traders.


Same day post-trade reporting available for analyzing algorithmic and execution performance.

We can help you optimize the balance between extracting liquidity while controlling market impact and maintaining anonymity in your executions

Explore Cortex Equities’ suite of products

Algorithmic Suite

The Cortex Equities’ suite of algorithms offers a variety of options to help navigate today’s dynamic and complex trading landscape.
Execution possibilities include liquidity seeking, participatory, and adaptive strategies of various aggression levels, all of which are highly customizable to suit your trading styles and benchmark goals.

Smart Order Router

By leveraging advanced machine learning models and techniques, our newly architected SOR adapts to rapidly changing market conditions and stock specific characteristics in real-time.

Market Structure Analysis

Identification and analysis of key market trends in the equity markets and the changing dynamics of trading volume and liquidity. Thought leadership content offering insight into important regulatory and structural events and the potential impacts on traders and the broader market landscape.

Quantitative Analysis

A global team of over 30 quantitative researchers and product development professionals are solely focused on the creation and innovation of our infrastructure and the underlying algorithmic and smart order routing models.
Our new simulation environment allows us to fine-tune algorithmic parameters and customize trading strategies. By replaying orders in this environment, we can test a multitude of possible enhancements to determine execution outcomes.

Low Latency Direct Market Access (DMA)

Our low latency DMA platform provides cutting-edge speed necessary for accessing market centers.

Execution Consultancy Analytics

A dedicated team of execution consultants providing clients with extensive analyses of algorithmic trading behavior and execution performance, and aiding in the creation of customized algorithms to meet your specific trading objectives.

Global coverage with local expertise

GM - Cortex Equities - US

Cortex Equities Americas

Electronic access for institutional clients in the US, Brazil, Canada and coming soon to Mexico.

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GM - Cortex Equities - EMEA

Cortex Equities EMEA

Electronic access to the major equities markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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GM - Cortex Equities - APAC

Cortex Equities APAC

Electronic access to Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India and China Stock-Connect.

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