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Introducing Cortex FX

Multi-product FX trading

Cortex FX is our advanced multi-product FX trading platform. Whether you want to develop innovative trading strategies, execute trades or monitor and evaluate your trading activity, Cortex FX offers a fully-integrated trading environment that is simple to use, giving you the freedom to concentrate on taking advantage of every trading opportunity.

Tech & Innovation 23 March 2021

Say hello to ALiX your digital trading assistant

ALiX has the full power of Cortex FX in a conveniently small window on your desktop. ALiX is indisputably pixel-for-pixel the most powerful FX platform on the market. Understanding everything from a spot ticket to a complex option ALiX is there to save you both screen space and time.

Explore the unique features of Cortex FX

Intelligent Execution (iX)

Cortex FX is the gateway to our cutting-edge FX Spot Algorithm execution service, delivering you with more functionality than ever before.

GM - Cortex FX - Intelligent Execution


Cortex FX provides access to real-time pricing for FX spot, forward, NDF and swap pricing through RFQ and Streaming 24 hours, five days a week.


Cortex FX provides access to an extensive range of vanillas, exotic and multi-leg structures across a variety of G10, emerging market and bullion currencies.

We offer full price transparency of volatility, market data and Greeks as well as pre-defined structures such as Strangles, Straddles, Risk Reversals and Butterflies.

GM - Cortex FX - Options


Click and trade a range of Asian, European and LatAm non-deliverable forwards.


Cortex FX allows you to execute and manage a variety of order types, including Take Profit, Stop Loss, OCO, If Done and Repeat.

All orders can be managed through our trade blotter, with the ability to amend, pause or cancel your trade.

GM - Cortex FX - Orders

Precious Metals

Access our improved streaming prices for Precious Metals in Cortex FX. Streaming prices are available again USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF GBP and NZD for Gold and Silver.

Market Analytics

Cortex FX offers a market leading market intelligence suite.

The award-winning platform provides you with a wealth of dedicated analytical tools, FX research and services to help you make informed choices.

GM - Cortex FX - Market Analytics

BNPP Connect

Accessed through Cortex, BNPP Connect is a BNP Paribas digital channel, powered by Symphony, allowing clients to chat directly with their Sales and have access to a 24/5 support team to help them with any questions. With this new bilateral channel, they can also benefit from BNP Paribas’ digital offering with automated execution, content and services, such as the Insight4Me research BOT.

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