We aim to facilitate the emergence of a carbon neutral economy and socially responsible world, innovating new ways to help our clients integrate ESG into all their activities

Paving the way in sustainable finance

Sustainable Finance is embedded into each of our business lines with dedicated sustainable finance specialists in every asset class, as well as a dedicated Markets 360 Research Analyst in order for us to actively engage with our dual client base: Corporates & Institutionals. We offer financing, hedging, investment and servicing sustainable solutions.

A spotlight on what we can offer


Use-of-proceeds instruments and ESG performance-linked instruments


Sustainable underlying hedge, Carbon offsetting and equity overlays to hedge climate risk, and impact hedges

Investment / Impact

Responsible indices, sustainable funds, and ESG-linked notes


ESG advisory and dedicating ESG Research team


BNP Paribas: delivering on environmental products

From VERs to hedging, banks are offering innovative environmental products to reduce emissions and facilitate the change to a sustainable business strategy.

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