Capital Introduction

Global Markets

Prime Services

The BNP Paribas Capital Introduction team provides targeted investor introductions to our Prime Services clients:

– Dedicated specialists with a diverse set of global investor relationships, market knowledge and expertise
– Focus on managers where we can make an impact 
Target institutional investors that write $50+ million tickets
– Go beyond the introduction: feedback and conversion is how we evaluate ourselves
– Global conferences and roadshows, bridging the gap between managers and investors
– Digital capital introduction BRIDGE by BNP Paribas

Listen to the Capital Introduction podcasts

The Capital Introduction team shares the latest hedge fund performances and market trends in short episodes.

Strategic Capital Services
  • Review marketing materials
  • Provide peer group analysis
  • Prep for investor meetings
  • Optimise allocator base by type and geography (new investor markets)
  • Manage capacity and longevity of capital, balancing fees with liquidity
  • Guidance on product development – e.g. UCITS, 40 Act, drawdown structures, co-investments, carve-out strategies etc.
Digital Capital Introduction

Access. Customise. Connect.

  • BRIDGE by BNP Paribas provides institutional investors with the ability to ACCESS our Capital Introduction hedge fund universe, CUSTOMISE their search, and CONNECT with managers across the globe via our capital introduction team
Insights & Events
  • Annual Alternative Investment Survey
  • Flash surveys on the latest industry trends
  • Global conferences and roadshows
  • Thematic and bespoke events
  • ‘On the Radar’ webinars and roundtables
  • Monthly hedge fund performance reports

Hedge Fund Performance Reports

The Capital Introduction team produces these reports based on data received on a periodic basis. Such data is derived from a combination of preliminary performance updates from hedge funds, information from industry practitioners and multiple news sources.