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BNP Paribas FX Trade BOT

A new intuitive digital tool to support with your FX trades, including Spot, Forwards, Swaps and NDFs. Request FX prices and execute FX trades in 4 simple steps using the fully automated chatbot. Watch the video to find out more!

Tech & Innovation 07 April 2022

How it works?

Access the FX Trade BOT through BNP Paribas Connect or on your Symphony Core Platform

1. Request Prices

The BOT will be simply added to a chatroom with you and your BNP Paribas Sales team. Any request starting with ‘px’ will be picked up by the BOT. The BOT can understand a wide range of natural language text to request FX prices, thanks to very powerful natural language processing (NLP). Request prices for Spot, Forwards, Swaps and NDFs and ask for either one or two way prices.

2. Validate Request

The BOT will translate your request and present it back to you in a structured format. Confirm the BOT translation is correct. If the translation is not correct our sales team can jump in and help you.

Two way prices

One way price

3. Receive Prices

Receive two-way prices streamed into the chat. Click on the latest price to accept and book the trade at that price.

If you specify ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ in your request a one way price will be shown.

4. Book Trade

Click on the latest price to accept and book the trade at that price. Once your deal is fully booked the confirmation will be presented back to you in the chat.

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