Is AI the answer to real time trade settlement?

At VivaTech, leading Fintech Saphyre discussed its recent investment from BNP Paribas and the benefits of this collaboration for clients and the industry.


BNP Paribas Global Markets recently announced an investment in leading FinTech, Saphyre, whose AI platform enables direct collaboration between multiple financial parties related to the same client, digitising pre-trade data and documents and allowing for secure, expedited access to data throughout the trade life cycle.

The investment underlines technology as a cornerstone of BNP Paribas’ 2025 strategic plan, which sets out to develop and invest in solutions that optimise client and employee experience, and promote operating efficiency.

Watch the video below and hear from Gabino Roche, CEO and Founder of Saphyre, at VivaTech – Europe’s largest tech and start-up conference – who discusses the recent investment from BNP Paribas and how their AI driven platform may help to achieve T-0 trade settlement.

Saphyre at VivaTech 2022
What is VivaTech?

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Automating the onboarding process with AI

Saphyre uses a patented AI technology to streamline the on-boarding process for clients by organising shared data and then automating trade lifecycle processes. This allows firms not only to assess risk faster, but also to speed up the on-boarding process by eliminating inefficiencies in the booking, confirmation, and settlement process.

“The partnership not only demonstrates our relentless focus on the client experience, but our capacity for innovation and digital growth, in particular our agile approach to the Fintech sector,” comments Gerhard Kronsteiner, Global Head of Operational Excellence for Global Markets at BNP Paribas. “By partnering with leading firms like Saphyre we aim to harness powerful, scalable collaboration solutions for the benefit of our clients globally.”

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