Meet our Experts: Serena Ding

Serena Ding, Head of Macro Sales, China, continuously sets new goals for herself to adapt to a constantly changing working environment.

The ‘Meet our Experts’ series features experts across BNP Paribas Global Markets, giving you a snapshot of the faces who have been offering clients innovative solutions and supporting them in navigating challenges.

In this interview, Serena tells us how her career evolved over the years and her advice for overcoming difficult times at work.

How did your career evolve over the years?

Serena initially interned with Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong, working in equities. She then moved on to Bank of America Merrill Lynch where she worked for 17 years, first as a trainee before rotating through different roles including equity research, strategic solutions, equity sales and derivatives.

In July 2021, Serena joined BNP Paribas citing the bank’s global strategy for China as one of the main drivers, which attracted her to the company.

What do you love most about your role?

The sense of achievement as well as the feeling of being part of something great.

Serena has a natural curiosity about the financial industry and has always been motivated by learning new things, and continuously setting new career goals.

What advice would you give for navigating the challenging times on the markets/in your job?

Calm down, carry on… change is constant.

Serena explains that there is always difficulty and it can make the job uncomfortable. But, she advises to “never be afraid of change”. She believes this mind-set will help in adapting to the ever-changing nature of the industry.

What advice would you give to those who are keen to enter the banking industry?

Raise your voice because everyone is listening.

One key piece of advice Serena gives is that women entering the industry should speak up and make their voice heard. The banking industry has evolved and is not as male-dominated as before. There are a lot more women in senior positions who can act as role-models and support for other women in their career.

She also advises to not “define yourself too early” by trying out new things and developing news skills, rather than just sticking to one particular area of work. The industry is evolving and changing all the time, and so we should also change with it.