The value of currency management automation

Watch the latest Currency Cast episode with Morgane Chavet, Forex and Interest Rate Derivatives Sales Manager at BNP Paribas, on currency risk management

With the growing digitalisation of treasury operations, currency management automation is transforming the way corporate clients handle their forex exposure.

A recent survey by Kantox with CFOs, treasurers and currency managers singled out the top three benefits of currency risk automation as:

  • Allowing team member to focus on value-adding tasks
  • Reduced hedging costs
  • Decreased operational costs and risks

Hear more from Morgane Chavet, Forex and Interest Rate Derivatives Sales Manager at BNP Paribas CIB, as she joins Kantox’s Currency Cast series to discuss the challenges facing treasurers in their currency risk management, and the benefits of automation solutions in a volatile market environment.

Currency risk automation
Dynamic hedging

Innovative currency automation solutions, such as Kantox Dynamic Hedging® changes the way treasurers handle their forex exposure. It centralises and aggregates FX information and provides real-time computation of exposure. This makes for a more dynamic and opportunity-driven approach, while avoiding operational error.

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