Environmental Finance Awards 2019: four awards for BNP Paribas

Bank sustainability bond lead manager of the year, one of four accolades for the bank, underlines BNP Paribas' leadership in sustainable finance.

Environmental Finance named BNP Paribas winner in four categories in its 2019 Awards. These were:

  •    Lead Manager of the Year, Sustainability Bonds – Bank
  •    Lead Manager of the Year, Green Bonds – Corporate
  •    Lead Manager of the Year, Green Bonds – Sovereign
  •    Award for Innovation – Bond Structure

The judging panel, which included large global investors, selected the winners based on their leadership role in the market, their innovation, speed of delivery and transparency in helping corporates and sovereigns access the green bond market. Green bonds are one of several instruments in the financing toolkit that are playing a central role in driving forward sustainable growth.

According to Environmental Finance, BNP Paribas “claimed the title for sustainability bonds lead manager of the year for banks for its work on deals from first time issuers” – including from China Construction Bank and ANZ.

“At BNP Paribas we are the bond house talking to green investors of the future,” says Stephanie Sfakianos, Strategic Sustainability Officer for Global Markets.

At BNP Paribas we are the bond house talking to green investors of the future

Stephanie Sfakianos, Strategic Sustainability Officer, Global Markets

As national and global policy makers increasingly focus on climate change and sustainability, borrowers and institutional investors around the world are showing an intensified interest in sustainable financing and responsible investment tools. With the increasing understanding of the pivotal role finance can play in delivering sustainable growth, BNP Paribas believes it is a tremendous opportunity to pioneer change through positive banking.

In a repeat of last year, when BNP Paribas was named Corporate Green Bond Lead Manager of the Year, BNP Paribas has underlined its leading position for corporate issuers, in which it ranked No. 1 by volume in 2018, according to Dealogic. With an increase in the numbers and types of issuers now looking for access to the green bond market, BNP Paribas’ sustainable finance capabilities are also increasingly being extended to borrowers beyond corporates in the public sector and financial institutions space.

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