Environmental Finance Awards 2020: recognition for BNP Paribas

Recognition for BNP Paribas' sustainable finance markets team in this year's Bond Awards affirms the bank's market-leading role in supporting corporates.


Environmental Finance has named BNP Paribas:

  • Lead Manager of the Year for Corporate Green Bonds (third consecutive year)
  • Loan Structurer/Arranger/Coordinator of the Year

Its annual Bond Awards put the spotlight on organisations at the forefront of innovation in sustainable finance.

These accolades are a recognition of BNP Paribas’ role in providing long-term, ongoing support for companies looking for novel sustainable financing solutions, including sustainable bonds and sustainability-linked loans.

” BNP Paribas has been named lead manager of the year for corporate green bonds, and loan structurer/arranger/coordinator of the year. ”

Tackling the world’s pressing environmental and social challenges requires collaboration between multiple sectors. Sustainable finance can be a powerful tool due to its role in channelling capital for positive impact, with corporates playing a pivotal role in driving it forward.

Over the past year, the sustainable finance market has welcomed a diverse range of issuers and sectors. BNP Paribas has strengthened its expertise in the green corporate bond segment, with deal value for corporate green bond issuance topping $2.5 billion in 2019 (excluding self-led and non-benchmark deals).

The rise of the sustainability-linked loan – in which interest is tied to predetermined sustainability targets, providing an incentive for the borrower to attain those targets – has been a significant development since 2018. This market grew 96% between 2018 and 2019, when BNP Paribas teams reached first position for arranging and co-ordinating ESG-linked loans in the EMEA region [1].

[1] In number of deals and volume – as confirmed by Dealogic for full-year 2019.