G10 Rates

Global Markets

We aim to be a top-3 house in every asset, area and client. Our business has grown substantially and we operate a culture of "shared purpose". Our focus is aligned around the social and economic outcomes of supporting our broad client base across Corporates and Institutional investors.

A European leader with a global reach

Local presence with global access

Notwithstanding our leadership position in Europe and on-the-ground presence in all G10 countries, our clients benefit from a fully developed offering in APAC and the Americas. We are at the forefront of interest rate markets globally with strong capabilities in Yen, Swiss Franc, Australian dollar and Scandinavian currencies, a competitive advantage propelling us ahead of our competitors.


G10 Rates

Why choose BNP Paribas G10 Rates?

BNP Paribas G10 Rates business is a global leader servicing a wide range of clients and partners. Whether it’s risk managing client flows or providing large and small bespoke solutions – G10 Rates helps to solve clients’ problems across interest rate, inflation, regulatory or liability risks

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Client needs: from products to partnerships

Catering to a broad spectrum of needs

Thanks to our Global Markets’ cross-asset offering, we are able to provide financial products and solutions across financing, market access, yield enhancement and hedging, while giving unparalleled access to market liquidity.

Digitalisation and transparency

Resilient, reliable pricing and a broad depth of liquidity

Capitalising on our extensive market share, digital expertise and strategic vision, we have fronted the revolution in swap trading e-platforms, becoming market leaders along the way. Adding to the technological prowess setting us apart in the flow market, our insight-based structured products distinguish us from our peers integrating ESG features whenever possible.

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